Age: 5 (appears to be in her mid-20’s)

Height: 6’0″ (183 cm)

Weight: 98 lbs. (44 kg)

Race: Android (Human Appearance)

Rank: Medic/Sexologist

Kinks: Fluid, alters to fit species she is trying to study

Orientation: Straight (Identifies as a female)

When Professor Whitmore discovered that the best way to distinguish lifeforms from one another was through their seminal fluid, his peers called him mad. After years of hard work and in-depth research, he created an android who was so state of the art that others could scarcely tell that she wasn’t human…until she started removing her clothes in public and greeting strangers with french kisses.

After another four years designing her to be the very embodiment of physical perfection, as well as study into the greatest source of pleasure for males, she was finally ready for the field. But Professor Whitmore couldn’t just let his “daughter” wander the galaxy by herself. Thus, he contacted his niece in the SGF, Valarie Edison, with the job of assisting the android with her mission to catalog all intelligent life in the galaxy.

She agreed, and thus formed the original crew of The Yellow Queen. Now all that was left was giving the android a name. After much debating between Val and Jesse (a rather one-sided disagreement), the android was labeled as the Sexy Ass Machine or S.A.M. for short.

S.A.M. is incredibly intelligent, with comprehensive knowledge on the physiology of over 200,000 life forms, as well as their most common ailments and their treatments. While her light frame does not make her ideal for combat, she still serves as a valuable member of the crew, and has even begun to form bonds with individual members.

Despite this intellect, she has little in the way of social graces. In addition to having little shame in discussing inappropriate topics or public nudity, she also struggles with personal space and boundaries between individuals. As such, Jesse has made it his mission to turn her into a refined young woman. It serves to be an ongoing project.