Age: Unknown

Race: Unknown

Height: 6′ 8″ (203 cm)

Weight: 89 lbs (40 kg)

Rank: Pilot of the Yellow Queen, Asshole

Kinks: Tentacles

Orientation: Straight? (He’s ‘male’, according to him, but either way, he prefers the gender with more orifices to violate, regardless of looks). 

The Yellow Queen was in desperate need of a pilot, but due to the riskiness that comes with FTL travel through the In Between, very few wanted to accept the hire. At the end of her rope and desperate, Val turned to Greg’s List where she found the enigmatic Gorrath. He claimed to be the best pilot in the galaxy, and better yet, his only price was some pussy every now and then.

The tentacled menace showed up, at their doorstep, and upon seeing him, Val regretted her decision almost immediately. Still, she decided to give him a chance to prove his skill. And prove it he did. When piloting the ship outside of atmo, The Yellow Queen was ambushed by pirates. Cornered and with little hope for escape, Gorrath made an impromptu FTL jump without the use of a chart, a suicidal maneuver if attempted by anyone else.

Save Val having to live with a dick in place of a clit for a week (she didn’t mind too terribly), they escaped unscathed. Having proven his skills, Val agreed to bring Gorrath on board. At first, he was incorrigible, but one day Val had enough. No one knows what was said in that private conversation except Gorrath and the captain, but it worked.

The tentacled monstrosity fell into line quick. From then on, he was still the same belligerent, obnoxious, asshole he’d always been, except when he was talking to Val. If not for his skill, he’d have been evicted from the crew long ago.

Typically, any sort of snag that the crew runs into is because of Gorrath, and the whole ship knows it. S.A.M has asked him for a sample for study on his species, and after disappearing into the medic bay for approximately three minutes, he emerged thoroughly unsatisfied and S.A.M. required extensive repairs to her internal mechanisms. She was unsuccessful in categorizing him and has never asked again.