Valarie ‘Val’ Edison


Age: 31

Height: 5′ 8″ (173 cm)

Weight: 153 lbs. (69 kg)

Race: Human

Rank: Captain

Kinks: BDSM (Dom)

Orientation: Bi (Leans towards men)


From her early days as a vagabond smuggler, to her small stint as a commander in the SGF, sitting still has never been Val’s style. When her uncle, Professor Whitmore, contacted her with a job offer that would send her into The Uncharted and a ship, she eagerly accepted. She was accompanied originally by her best friend, Lt. Jesse Hobbes, and together they assembled the crew with the best they could find.

Due to her multi-faceted background, she’s able to glean a good insight into her opponents, allowing her to take command of almost any situation. Her biggest skill as a commander, however, is finding the stress points of her crew, so that she can work them to the best of their abilities without losing morale.

While she is normally a laid-back individual, her temper is legendary, so much so that even the belligerent Gorrath refuses to risk upsetting her. Open and wild, this woman is a spitfire that is guaranteed to get her job done.