Cirrina Nairno


Age: 23

Race: Pelagian (Shapeshifter)

Rank: Gunner and Infiltration Specialist

Kinks: Roleplaying

Orientation: Lesbian (Her race is hermaphroditic, but she has expressed that she is only attracted to those with a feminine shape.)

Shortly after Val and Jesse left the SFG, an accordance was passed that banned Pelagians from being a member of the SFG military. This was done as damage control when it was discovered that the SFG had been engaged in some shady acts involving non-federation planets and their ruling bodies.

As such, Cirrina found herself forcibly discharged from the military only a month after she’d started. As she drank away her sorrows and frustrations, she encountered Gorrath, who attempted to coax her into a romp. She declined and informed him that there wasn’t enough liquor in the world.

When he attempted to wrap a tentacle around her anyway, the intoxicated shapeshifter beat him mercilessly and sent him crawling back to his ship. It took no time at all for Val and Jesse to return to the bar in his stead and offer her a job.

While she is young, Cirrina is a skilled combatant, and a surprisingly affectionate teammate. While typically respectful of others, once she’s started drinking, she can become a real handful (especially since she enjoys playing games of ‘stolen identity’).

Pelagians as a race are durable, with regenerative capabilities, resistance to radiation, and a special sense that allows them to detect a person’s emotional state via the pheromones emitted from them.

However, this comes with the downside that said pheromones affect them much more strongly than they do other races, even among the emitter’s species. As such, Cirrina’s behavior can be unpredictable at times, even violent if in a rather tense or hostile circumstance.