Jesse Hobbes


Age: 31

Height: 6′ 2″ (188 cm)

Weight: 185 lbs. (84 kg)

Race: Human

Rank: Executive Officer (XO)

Kinks: N/A

Orientation: Asexual

Jesse Hobbes was bred in a military family. Both of his parents were part of the SGF, as were their parents before them. At 18, he eagerly enlisted into the SGF, and immediately soared above his peers.

He was on the fast track to military success, until the day he encountered Valarie Edison. With her flippant attitude and wild methods, the two became quick enemies, butting heads repeatedly in an attempt to out do the other. One day, during the investigation of a distress signal, Jesse’s crew fell into a pirate ambush. Despite his military training, Hobbes froze.

The moment he faltered, Val stepped in, barking out orders and organizing a counter offensive. It took her no time at all to fight off the pirates and save their crew from what could have potentially been a major disaster. It was then that Hobbes swore he would follow her anywhere. Despite their differences, they gladly buried the hatchet, and the two became fast friends. When Val put in her resignation, Jesse did the same, and was appointed the Executive Officer of The Yellow Queen.

He serves not only as the Captain’s personal assistant, but as her confidant and closest ally. Still, his rigidity makes him a target to many of the crew’s more lax personalities, particularly Val who enjoys tormenting him endlessly.